My Mexicoma

Anyone that is a Sex in the City fan will relate to my heading. During my time in New York I made every attempt to go to Mexico as often as possible. Now this was not good for my figure but nonetheless some of my favourite memories.

My boyfriend often jokes that I would have been much happier with a Julio or Eduardo.

As you will see in the Summer Collection I paid tribute to Mexico with a fun and colorful summer-scape. If you haven’t noticed by now the words in italic are normally ones I made up myself. Tablescape is a real word though – trust me.

My highlights of Mexico:

  • Cheese tacos (I kid you not).
  • Beaches in Tulum – picture above taken on Tulum’s beach.
  • The real deal Margarita (not some lousy mix).
  • Extremely friendly people
  • Eating non-stop.

For those of you that are also obsessed check out the Hadeda store in Johannesburg or Cape Town. I personally love their hand painted tiles that feature in my tablescape but they also import other beautiful décor and craft items from Mexico, Peru and Guatamala.

Hasta la próxima which means until next time.